Get to know an MUAC member

This week I dropped by to have a chat with Ironman. Not the superhero, not the guy swimming at the Gold Coast, and not the actor Jeremy Irons, but…. Matthew Irons.  In case you didn’t know Ironman is the Mens Winter Captain for 2012, a great privilege for a great man.

Name: Matthew Irons
Age: 31
Runs/week: 6
Kilometrage: 75-80km

Interview with Matt Irons
(Full audio of the interview can be found on YouTube)

So Matthew, I hear the coach won’t be reading this week’s newsletter, so you can freely tell us what is your favourite/worst training sessions?
My favourite is 10 minute efforts, and my bogey session was pipe-bridge hill reps, but is probably, right now, any session on the track.

After training, how do you like to unwind?
Well I do like my cup of coffee, not tea, as some may think and you know people think I’m from England but really I’m from South Africa. Yes as for my drink, wait…. you said the coach isn’t reading this, well then it’s really red wine. A cracking big shiraz which fills my whole mouth with flavour and lingers for a week afterwards is definitely my favourite drink. gosh. I just started salivating. I love red wine. Actually I like the colour red… Sorry I am getting carried away, let me answer your question, I like to drink red wine and listen to “Lady in Red” by Chris De Burgh. I sometimes close my eye and play out the words in my mind. Its a great way to relax after a hard session. Typically I’ll do this until about midnight or 12.30 dozing to sleep to that lady dressed in red.

How interesting! Do you have any other interests/hobbies
I like to watch movies, went to see a Danish period drama… ‘A Royal Affair’, sadly no lady in red in that (sighs). I also like ten pin bowling but I have a fat-arse thumbs (sic) so its difficult for me to find a bowling ball that suits me.

You like to ride your bike a lot, have you noticed that manholes in the roads are round? What’s with that?
I do like to ride. I ride so much that I see so many man holes and have enough time on my bike to conclude that it is because it is easier to dig a round hole than a square one…. probably.

Rumours are abound that you want to beat your good running colleagues, in Emil, Brian, and Chris Xu this summer, what do you have to say about that?
Well I’ve always liked the superhero Flash and if I was him I could then run as fast as him and can keep those runners at bay.

Really? Is that the one superhero power you’d want?
Good question… Let me have god-like intelligence instead.

Thanks for your time Matt. It was great to get to know you a bit more.
Next week we visit Kate Scarlett (Women’s Winter Captain 2012) for an inverview. Stay tuned!