MUAC Committee

Elected annually, the Club Committee is responsible for decisions and directions of the Club as a whole. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 8 p.m. Members are welcome to attend these meetings or contact a committee member listed below to raise any topic related to MUAC and its functions. New members on the committee are always welcome.

President: Hamish Beaumont

Treasurer: Tim Hui

Secretary: David McDonald

Winter Manager: Max Ueda

Summer Manager: David Kirszenblat and Seamus Hayes

Registrar: Tim Thomas

General Committee

Mark Burgman

Cath Macrae

Shohei Waller

Martine Botha

Nick Earl

Ellen Schaef

Ashwin Singh

John Keating



MUAC is committed to open and transparent governance. At present the club is undergoing a process of codifying the practices and policies by which MUAC is run.