Summer 2019/20

2019/20 Track and Field season


There’s a lot happening in the 2019/20 AV Track and Field Season.

This season there’ll be 12 rounds of the AV Shield League Season with every round offering every event and all Metro Shield competition a National Permit Meet and a plethora of other competitions (Vic Relay Champs, Vic Milers Club, Rare Air Club and lots of championships).  The reworked scoring system allows athletes to score points for MUAC wherever they compete and all in the one team.

AV Summer Competition Handbook

AV Shield League Competition

The AV Shield League is the club based competition for track and field in metropolitan Melbourne.  Once you are an MUAC member with the Track and Field package you are ready to race, jump or throw.  There will be pre-entry to ensure you’re properly graded and have a spot in a race or round.  Competition is graded so you’ll be competing against those of a similar standard. There are 12 rounds of competition.  MUAC athletes can compete at any AVSL venue. There are two metro Melbourne each round and MUAC will generally pick a ‘home’ venue where most of us will compete.

Competition occurs primarily on a Saturday afternoon and events are divided between two programs that are run every round at different venues.


AV Shield League Timetable 

Summer Calendar

MUAC Membership and uniforms

You’ll need your club uniform (details here if you need to get one) and your registration numbers (front and back).  If you don’t have your registration numbers please email MUAC Registrar Tim Thomas.

2019/20 Summer Handbook


All athletes are encouraged to pre-enter for AV Shield League to ensure that they are assigned an appropriately graded competition. Start lists will be published on the AV website in the lead up to the weekend, allowing athletes to plan their competition. Pre-entry occurs through the AV website and allows athletes to select the round of field events they wish to compete in. Pre-entry is open until 11:59pm on the Wednesday before the round of Shield. Read more about pre-entry. Pre entry guarantees you a spot in the competition in an appropriately graded event.


The 2019/20 season sees the introduction of a league structure where each club has a single team. All athletes will contribute to the team score with their best four events at any round. There are no restrictions on how many athletes can score in any one event. All athletes, juniors, masters, open, women, men, para and able bodied are in the same team. Read more.

2016/17 saw the introduction of a new scoring system that gives each performance a score between 100 and 600 points. The system allows all athletes to score points for the club but rewards high quality performances. Your performance in each event will contribute to the team’s overall tally after each round.

To read about the system in detail, click here and check out the AV Shield Web App.


MUAC has been unjustly graded in Division 3. We aim to remedy this injustice with a swift, overwhelming and ruthless rise up the ladder to Premier Division. Get on board MUAC!

How we win

Shield is a participation focused competition.

Team tactics: We will aim to have at least 90 performances at each AV Shield League round.

If you see on the noticeboard (read below for details) that MUAC is one competitor short in the hammer – go out and have a throw.  So get out, try something new and have some fun.

The top two clubs in each Division are in line for promotion. We aim to get promoted.


Find all the scores and  results at AV’s Results Hub

Sometimes your result at AV Shield might not be displayed or recorded correctly on the website. If you have a query, use this form to let AV know so they can correct it.


The Victorian Championships are in March and the Australian Championships are in February and represent the pinnacle of the season (and a chance to race at Lakeside).  MUAC also enters teams in the Victorian Relay Championships (end of November)

Specialist Competitions

Athletics Victoria stages specialist meets (Vic Milers Club, Rare Air Club) throughout the summer.  These represent the chance for some high quality, graded competition – often a personal best.

MUAC meets

MUAC stages competitions at the Rawlinson in February and March.

Victorian Mile Championships

MUAC 5000m and Pole Vault.


MUAC is required to supply volunteers to help run the events.  Our duties will be listed on the noticeboards.  The MUAC Volunteer Managers will be working hard to make sure the workload is spread amongst the whole club.  Athletes do most of our volunteering in between and after they have competed, normally in small shifts.  The details of the the volunteering duties will be available soon.  For safety reasons, you cannot be a volunteer in thongs or open toed shoes.


Keep an eye on the club website,, for more news and information about what is happening.

If you have any questions please email,